Territory Nation

The Coordination Nation - territory, is the area responsible for facilitating the strategic relationship between entities of national, departmental and municipal, Relationship to ensure the appropriate and timely implementation of public policy for care, assistance and comprehensive reparation to victims and develop the transversal component of institutional strengthening through the articulation between the different levels of government and the design of strategies aimed at supporting and assisting territorial entities technically.

The sub-directorate of Coordination Nation - Territory is in charge of constructing the criteria of territorial certification in articulation with the areas of the Unit and entities of SNARIV competent in matters of prevention, protection, attention, assistance and integral reparation to the victims.

Proceso de coordinación entre nación y territorio

The above is the process of public management that articulates the levels of Colombian State government for the design and effective implementation of the policy of prevention, protection, attention, assistance and comprehensive reparation to victims in terms of co-responsibility actions that seek:

  1. Strengthening the incorporation of public policy for victims, as a cross-cutting issue to all territorial public management through a specific articulation with the Local Development Plans and a closer linkage of all sectors of Public Administration of mayors and governments to the fulfillment of local competences in matters of prevention, protection, attention and integral reparation to the victims of armed conflict.
  2. The strengthening of the planning of the victim policy in order to make the planning and budgeting processes of the territorial and national levels compatible.

We work in the following way (according to article 16 of Decree 4802 of 2011)

  • Through the implementation of articulation strategy of the public offer of the national, departmental, district and municipal levels in matters of humanitarian aid, attention, assistance and integral reparation.
  • Carrying out the necessary actions for creation of the Transitional Justice Territorial Committees for the accompaniment in the elaboration of Action Plans.
  • We require and subsequently analyze the information provided by territorial entities in relation to the necessary resources for the execution of plans, programs and projects of prevention, assistance, attention and integral reparation to victims, as an input so that the competent authorities in coordination with the Unit they assign them the budgetary resources.
  • We propose guidelines and criteria to support the design of Stewardship System according to what is defined in the Law.
  • And we evaluate and follow up on the flexibilization and expansion of  institutional offer for attention and reparation to victims.
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Lineamientos generales para la inclusión de la política pública de Prevención, protección, atención, asistencia y reparación integral a las Víctimas del conflicto armado, en los programas de gobiernos de candidatos a alcaldías y gobernaciones para el peri
Informe Del Gobierno Nacional A Las Comisiones Primeras Del Congreso De La República