National Information Network Sub-directorate

The SRNI is in charge of coordinating the National Information Network (RNI), providing and analyzing the information that the National Network manages for the preparation and execution of plans, programs and projects of the Unit and the System for the benefit of population victim.

To fulfill the purpose of administering the RNI and generating the articulation mechanisms of the Information Systems; The Sub-directorate since 2012 has established and implemented the procedures for the identification of technical needs in the information systems of entities that are part of the SNARIV, in which the SRNI accompanied the development of different technological solutions in a coordinated manner with the authorities and competent entities in order to provide timely and effective information on the vulnerable population in the country.

Additionally, and as a competence of the Sub-directorate, the information required by the unit of agencies for the preparation and execution of plans, programs and projects of the entity has been provided, as well as the analysis of the information handled by the RNI and propose to the Directorate of Registration and Information Management adjustments in the implementation of assistance policy, comprehensive attention and reparation to victims.

What information does the SRNI provide?

  • Information on the status of a person in the Victims Registry (RUV) as well as information on the victimizing event.
  • Figures and statistics of the population included in the RUV
  • Crossings of information with various sources of information from both the Unit and other entities of the System.

Who can request information crossings?

  • SNARIV entities
  • Non-SNARIV Government Entities
  • Entities and / or control organizations
  • Individuals can make requests for figures and statistics

For more information you can write to the institutional communication email:

Route for the process of exchange of information

  1. Need for information
  2. Approach and work plans with the competent entities
  3. Officiality for the exchange of information
  4. Construction of the technical document to identify technical characteristics, mechanisms and additional considerations on security and data protection during the exchange process.
  5. Feedback and upload of the information in the different information models of the entity.
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